Monday, July 9, 2012

1-18-30 - 7-8-12 ~ In Loving Memory

            It is amazing sometimes how roles reverse, and how transitions can be as smooth as a baby’s behind or bumpy with jagged edges that will pop your tires. The caretaker becomes the care receiver, almost to the point of how we take care of our young. If the new care receiver is lucky, their transition will not be prolonged or painful. In that aspect, I suppose this family has been blessed. It did not drag out any longer than it had to.
            Because it is family, I am not going to give that many details, but yesterday, Sunday, June 8, 2012, we lost a much loved member of our family. They told us they gave him twenty-four to forty-eight hours to live, and he passed away peacefully around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. His wife is devastated, and the rest of us are just trying to see her through this as best we can. As I said, he was very loved and he will be missed, but I rest easy in the knowledge that it was his time, and that he lived a full life. We did not want to lose him, of course, but sometimes you have to look at the positives. How much is enough for a life though? Only the higher powers know the answer to that question.
            On the Wiccan side of things, I will say this. I think the goddess was with us yesterday. I prayed that it would not be prolonged, because that wasn’t fair to him or to us, and I prayed for strength to see this through. My triquetra and witch’s knot was clutched in my hand many times yesterday. And now? That beloved soul we lost, I think he’s playing music in the summerlands. Summerlands, heaven, afterlife, whatever you want to call it. The place where good people like him go to be who they are in peace and happiness once the trial of living is done with. I fully believe that he is somewhere being the way he was before the sickness got to him, and we will meet again.
            It’s going to be a long, hard week ahead, but we’ll get through it because somehow or another, life goes on.

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