Monday, September 24, 2012

Concluding Fifty Shades

I finally finished the Fifty Shades trilogy, concluding in the final pages of Fifty Shades Freed. I have joined the legions of women reading “mommy porn.” The only problem is that I think “mommy porn” is a horrible description of this trilogy. There is a lot of sex and it is more graphic than the typical romance novel. People seem to think that sex detracts from any possibility of a real, genuine love story and the truth is that it really doesn’t. The story of Ana and Christian is a beautiful love story, BDSM aside. I believe that there is a fine line between sex scenes that make a work trashy and sex scenes that strengthen the connection between characters and add depth to the overall story.
Making this blog more juicy and more…well…real, I will admit that I enjoy well-done sex scenes. Maybe it’s animal instinct, I don’t know, but sex scenes taught me more than Health class ever did. They also taught me, in their own way, that some stuff just doesn’t work. And if the girl is really that sensitive, chances are that she will not be in a bedroom having the time of her life, she’ll probably be in the ER crying and asking why her. There was actually a case on Grey’s Anatomy where that scenario came up, but anyway. Sex scenes are nice. In the right context and when they are done carefully, they can carry emotional significance that make a reader want to cry.
A man who’s slept with more women than he can even remember doing something for the first time with his heroine. A rape victim trusting her hero enough to let him touch her in ways that made her flinch before, and maybe still make her flinch a little. Sex scenes can have emotional depth. If people really do not believe that, well, that just shows how far our society has fallen. We place no emotional significance on sex anymore, not in a broader sense. I’m not saying that some sex scenes aren’t placed there just for the fun of it, but in the right context, with the right writing, they do not make the entire book trashy.
E.L. James writes on a personal level and anyone who criticizes her for her writing has their head up their arse. Anyone who calls Fifty Shades “mommy porn” is a small minded moron. It’s not just about the sex, even if there is a lot of it. The story is not as mind blowing as others I have read, but as I said earlier, it is a beautiful love story, done in a way that most girls dream about. The rich prince who may be more than a little messed up but is still so generous and kind and loving and the shy bookworm virgin who becomes his match and heals him. It’s a romance classic and probably one half of the reason why Fifty Shades has done so well. Even in our jaded, cynical society, people still want that romance. And lots of sex. That would be the other half of the reason.
            At some point this week, I am going to get a review of this trilogy up over at, replacing the current review. Also, it’s not noted in my news section yet, but sometime last week, I posted something new under the Storytime tab on my site. So, everyone hurry to check that out. ^_^ Also, in case you were unaware, I am still going to keep this blog as regular as possible, but it will get posted just whenever it gets posted. That may be Monday, may be Saturday. So check here and my site often for updates.
            Happy work week everyone! Two weeks and counting until fall break!

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