Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Diary of a Mad Writer ~ Crazy Writer Flail!

            All week, I’ve been caught muttering to myself that I need to post a new blog and finally, here it is. The day after I hit a milestone as a writer. Yes, I’m bragging about this on every forum I’ve got, because I’m damn proud of it. After over a week of grumbling and wrestling with an idea, something clicked Monday night. I was in that most divine place of inspiration: the shower. When things finally clicked into place, I hit the keyboard and wrote for an hour and a half, from 10:30 to midnight and wrote 2,149 words. For my first quality time with the keyboard in a week, that was lovely. I didn’t get to sleep until probably close to one, even though I forced myself to stop at midnight. I was up again at 6:10 and wrote for a good twenty minutes until I had to get ready to take my nephew to school. I came back and wrote like a bloody madwoman until 10:40 last night. The end result? Including what I wrote the night before? 14,168 words, thirty pages single spaced. Which means, for those of you like myself that despise math like the little harlot it is, I wrote 12,000 words yesterday.
            I was shooting for 10,000 words, something I’ve never done in one day. I’ve done it in two days before, once. That was like two years ago. If you’re not a writer and you really don’t give a crap about word counts, I apologize but this is a big deal to me. The sad part of it is that if I made it to publication and came under contract, I would probably have to produce something close to that count every day. That idea doesn’t bother me as much as it probably should. If I wrote like that on a daily basis, I could have a first draft out in just under two weeks, assuming I went up to 100,000 words, which has always been my goal.
            Today, I’m trying to stay away from the keyboard, at least with that story, to give my heels some time to cool down. Plus, if I don’t take my car to the shop to get the A/C checked out, I think my dad’s going to really start huffing at me. *big grin*
            So yeah. This crazy dash towards the finish line of the images I saw in my head has provided a nice distraction while I wait to hear back about an interview I had last Friday for a job I could really see myself doing. If you’re a loyal reader or just someone stumbling across this blog, fingers crossed and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated in that regard.
            And now I bid you adieu for the week, so I can go out and get things done in the real world and not just in the world inside my head. Happy Wednesday all!

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