Monday, June 10, 2013

That perfect world is just a little too far away...

            In a perfect world, we could express our faith, say our prayers aloud, without fear of someone else becoming offended. So long as it is understood that this is our path, our experience and it may not necessarily be the same for you, what is the harm?
            Last week a high school senior ripped up his school board approved speech and recited the Lord’s Prayer at his graduation. I’m including a link if you haven’t seen it yet.  
            When I first heard about it, it was from people on my Facebook posting about it, commending this young man for being brave enough to do this. *snorts* Honestly, as someone of a non-Christian path, I wasn’t sure how to react. And then my liberal arts education kicked in and my thought was, hell, let this kid do what he wants so long as he’s not condemning others for not making the same choice. My college was enriched by the liberal arts but at the same time, it was originally a Baptist college, and even though I don’t think that is official anymore, there is prayer everywhere. Professors open up class with it, at big meetings with the entire college people pray, and God in the Christian capacity is really everywhere. I went to school there for three and a half years and it never really bothered me. There was maybe a couple of times where someone directly came up to me and asked if I had accepted Jesus Christ into my life, and she was not associated with the college.
            As a little insert, this woman came up to our dinner table on two separate occasions and both times, we all just smiled politely and said yes, so she would move on. No muss, no fuss. She was an older lady and maybe it was far too complacent to handle it the way we did, but I really can’t say.
            Now, since it’s only recently that I’m not trying to keep my faith quiet anymore, I have no experience with being rejected because of it. A close friend of mine who attended the same college got it, on more than one occasion, and often from a fellow student. The “supervisors” stood by and said nothing, if I remember correctly, since it was at a group gathering on campus. She would probably feel a little differently about this entire thing.
            The biggest question in regards to this kid from South Carolina is what if he’d been Pagan and done the same thing? What if he’d been Muslim? Or Jewish? Would it have been such a happy thing in his hometown, or would it have raised controversy and even more anger for CNN to cover?
            In a perfect world, if this kid had been Pagan and done the same thing, he would have gotten the same approval from the audience, even if they were all Christian. He would have gotten the same approval just because he expressed his faith at a time of celebration. But we do not live in a perfect world.
            Was the kid wrong? Should he have kept his mouth shut? No. But then again, neither should those of us who live on the other side of the tracks. Silence changes nothing, and though we don’t live in a perfect world, that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it better. That requires speaking out and maybe praying your own way every once in a while.

Oh Goddess,
I am your daughter as you are my mother,
Great Moon Mother,
Let your light shine and bless my path through the night.
Blessed be.


  1. I agree. And what is most annoying it is becoming increasingly politically incorrect to express any Christian faith, while the eastern religions get every consideration. I don't pretend to be very religious, but all beliefs should be treated the same! I commend you for broaching such a sensitive subject!

    1. The problem is that people seem to think to make it equal, you must remove it all. Eh, not really. Just respect each other's show of faith, whatever faith it may be. Therein lies the problem: showing respect to each other.
      North Carolina recently made the stride to make it official (i.e. the fools in Raleigh say it's okay) for students to pray, so long as it's not teacher/administrator led. Well duh. My high school did a moment of silence every morning to accomodate everyone and if I'm praying silently to myself, they can't really stop me. I sincerely hope they're still doing that every morning.

    2. Oh, and thank you for the comment. :)