Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm just a rambling writer

            So it’s been two weeks since my last post, two weeks and a couple of drafts for blogs that never made it to posting. Honestly, my head hasn’t been in the game for blogging. First, Blood Shadows passed the point of the longest thing I’ve written since I’ve had my computer and last night, it reached the 100,000 word mark. I have never had a work make it that far and I knew that this one would, at one point or another. So between that and plans for a novella that I want to self-publish, my mind has been focused on all author stuff lately. Big plans that make the current lack of results in the job hunt a little less painful to bear.
            I’m very excited because for once, I’m not sweating the small things, the details I know should be added in, the scenes that are missing, because I have plans to go back and add them in to make this story the best it can be after the first draft is done. That’s called revising. And while I do that, I plan on forging ahead with my novella that I’ve been wanting to write for a couple of months. At first, I thought about a series of novellas about the mothers of the main characters but now, after battling with the muse over them, I’ve decided to combine their stories into one novella. I’ve learned I work best when there is multiple storylines to go back and forth between. It keeps things fresh, truth be told, and my biggest problem is I always hit a point where things seem too stale and I don’t like what I’m doing anymore.
            These days, everything is about the Bloodborn, what I want to call this series. Everything is about how I’m going to get them to the publishing stage, to make people fall in love with them the way I’ve fallen in love with other series.
            Coffee and writing and spending time with Bear are the highlights of my days now. I said I came out of the broom closet because there was just too much other bullcrap going on that it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. That’s still true. There’s family drama on all sides but you know, who doesn’t have that? It’s a part of life and therein lies the truth of a quote I shared on Facebook a week ago. “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”
            So I continue to move forward with my writing, to make my longtime dream a reality. What will make it real to me is when I print out the entire manuscript and hold it all in my hands. I’ve got two other drafts printed from my computer, and the rest of the writing I have physical is handwritten stuff from my younger days. I dug out a couple of completed stories, rare gems that they are for me, last week. From 2004 and 2006, it’s stunning to realize they’re almost ten years old, and I had stuff from way before then too.
            Since we’re talking about dreams coming true, I have another one I want to share. I told Bear this weekend that when we have our own place together, I have to have an office. And in that office, I want a big desk, big enough to spread things out. I also want bookcases, many bookcases. Enough to hold my books, from my Mary-Kate and Ashley books all the way up to my Fever books and the books I still have from college. I also want a bookcase just for my writing. Something to hold the many composition books I’ve written stories in, the notebooks that hold random scribbling from a writer trying to find her way. It’s amazing to me to still have that stuff.
            My last blog post was a sad attempt to start a regular posting schedule again, and it resulted in a two week hiatus. I did the regular posting schedule for a full six months and it was fine then but not anymore. So follow my Twitter @Carolina_Kel or if you have me added on Facebook, I post links there as well when a new blog is up. Happy Monday all and have a great week!

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