Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Don't Feed the Trolls

            Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have one thing in common, besides their dominant presence in our lives. They’ve all tried to give their consumers updates that the consumers did not like, Google’s being the most recent with their updates to YouTube. In addition to changing up the comments section a bit in an attempt to discourage abuse, they connected Google+ to YouTube accounts. Personally, I think this move was an attempt to save that social network which, to my knowledge, is not doing so well. In my little corner of the world, everyone is still primarily on Facebook, with some side roads into Twitterland.
            The magical thing about new technology and the rise of social media and all its affiliates is that it has created jobs that never would have existed ten years ago. People make a living by creating YouTube videos, which is amazing. The world is getting smaller and becoming more and more individualized. That works for us, and it can work against us. YouTube users who make their living off their videos are, it seems, at the mercy of Google and their marketing plans. They can lose viewers and subscribers if the wrong update comes out that drives away consumers, and it could happen. Especially if dollar signs suddenly become attached to videos.
            As a writer just barely beginning to scratch the surface of what these companies might offer me to make my dream come true, it’s a little scary. When you go the route of self-publishing, you give up more than just access to an editor. Publishing houses also do the publicity for your book, making sure people know it is out there. That publicity might seem insubstantial compared to the other millions of ads that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, but it’s still a difference.
            I opened up a Facebook page for myself as an author last week, trying to begin gathering my audience. I’ve thought about using Google+ in a similar capacity, since I now have one whether I like it or not. Plus, it connects to blogspot.com so that could be helpful for the Kelswitch in some way. The scary thing though is when companies like Facebook and Google roll out these updates that have the potential to drive away consumers, because they wanted to shove a certain requirement like using your real name down your throat. It can and will affect people like me, who connect with our consumers on a much smaller level. That includes people who make a living off their YouTube videos as well.
            The world of technology  has opened up possibilities for people like me in ways we never could have imagined and it will continue to do so. It will also continue to walk a fine line between progress and stupidity.

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