Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Need to Coexist

            I began this blog with the intention of writing about being Pagan in the south. I’ve written about religion in the past and how I see it in the world. I had this blog going when chaos erupted over a competition for spiritual mommy bloggers, when it came out that some of them were not Christian. I figured it out then that you know what, you don’t have to agree with how I live, what I believe. Hell, it is the right given to you by our forefathers to think I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in Jesus Christ. The “but” there is that you still don’t have the right to treat me as less for it. You’re still accountable for treating me like a human being.
            It occurs to me that, though it pains me to admit it, our society is one heading towards silence of beliefs if they differ from the rest of the pack. You can have them, but don’t voice them. We can tolerate what we don’t have to openly acknowledge. Someone wrote their neighbor a letter asking them to remove their Christmas decorations and keep it in the privacy of their home, because the rest of the neighborhood isn’t Christian. I find that incredibly stupid. I believe in live and let live. We can disagree, but we should still respect and love each other. And each other’s right to do whatever we want on our own property.
Phil Robertson, in spite of his words, seems the kind of man who would offer you a bite from his own table, even if he thought you were the worst kind of sinner. In my mind, that makes all the difference. I accepted a long time ago that the human race will never all believe the same thing, and we can’t let it drive us apart. Even if comparing homosexuality to bestiality is flat out ignorance in my mind. In that regard, he should be corrected. The rest of it? He’s just going by what his belief system has told him and too many men have fought and died for his right to do that for the rest of us to just sweep it under the rug.
            Maybe we are working towards tolerance, but it’s not complete and it hinges on silence if your opinion goes against the majority, and that is no better than where we were before. We don’t need tolerance, we need coexistence. We need to learn to accept that we don’t see things the same way but come to the realization that we still have to be kind to one another for it. Otherwise, we can never advance as a civilization. We will never be more than spiteful little creatures taking up space on this planet.
            I challenge those who criticized Phil Robertson to stop and think that his actions should speak louder than his words, and his actions from what I know are those of someone who loves his neighbors, all of them. Regardless of what he considers to be sin, that makes all the difference in this world of such diverse beliefs.
            I also challenge those who support Phil Robertson and say he is just exercising his right to freedom of speech and religion to take a look at someone else doing the same thing, someone you might not agree with. Like someone of a different faith, for example, and defend them just the same as you are defending Phil Robertson.
            And it harm none, do what you will. Love and respect each other, even if we disagree. That is what the world needs more of.
            I really could write a lot more but this subject is walking a fine line and I think I’ve gotten across what I need to say. Kelswitch, over and out.

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