Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kaia

            I decided to do this as a peace offering for the ones who read Shadows Rising and are waiting patiently for the rest. Sort of character profile, sort of sneak peek. But with me, storyline and plot are always subject to change. However, I don’t think what I give you today will.
            K is for Kaia. She’s a character you won’t meet for a while yet, but I’ve been writing her since 9th grade. I turn 23 on Monday, you do the math. She was basically the most badass character I could think to write. She still is, in some ways.
            Without further ado, I give you Kaia.

            For thousands of years, the races have torn each other apart for scraps, when they were all given their fair share in the beginning. In the beginning, they were all equal.
            The gods were furious in a way they hadn’t been since before the races were created and put in their own worlds. They were tired of their children shedding each others’ blood, for more than their fair share. And dragons on Earth were the final straw.        Dragons did not belong on Earth. They belonged in Genesis, same as the demons and vampires. That realm was designed to suit the predators. But of course it wasn’t good enough. When is it ever?
            Black wings shuffled and an ancient mind stirred for the first time since the God Wars, thousands of years before the birth of the first human. For long moments, she lay still, wondering why she was awake. Then she felt it. The perfect storm of God Fury building and building. Fury like that did only one thing.
            It destroyed worlds.
            She sent out a signal, her mind snapping out like a whip against the minds of her sleeping sisters. When they responded with the barest of stirs, she knew it wouldn’t be long. Pushing limbs that were still limber and ready to move after centuries upon centuries of dormancy, she rose up from her resting place and stepped outside. Frigid air enveloped her and distant suns twinkled a greeting. The cosmos hadn’t changed much since she went into her resting place.
            Her wings stretched out, ice forming around the edges only to be snapped off by the heat of her own power.
            Born of fury, desperation, and desire, she and her sisters had stopped the gods from destroying the universe once before. They had known the day might come again when they were called upon.
            What this winged creature of ancient legend wanted to know now was one thing and one thing only.
            Were the races birthed by the gods even worth saving?

Kaia. I do not own this picture. It's purely an inspiration.

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  1. Yow, that's quite the character description? I presume her enemies are just as powerful, though?