Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Unity & Unknown

            U is for Unity. U is for Unknown.
            It was a toss up between these two for today’s post, but why not both? They share common threads. We unite to face the unknown. There’s nothing like the bond between people beginning on a new path at the same time, with so many question marks ahead. The most prominent example that comes to mind is when I was a freshman in college. I united with my fellow freshies as we faced an unknown campus, an unknown future, and unknown levels of excitement. It gave us a level of camaraderie we might not have had otherwise.
            Where Bear and I are right now is shaky ground with a lot of unknowns ahead, but we’re united and that’s our one guarantee as we move forward. Most people need someone else to get through and that’s a human desire. We were not meant to be solitary creatures, but pack animals. It’s kind of funny sometimes how much people will do in order to deny that we, at the end of the day, are still animals. Incredibly smart ones, but animals nonetheless.
            Not all of our relationships survive the test of time. Once the unknown has been conquered, we go our separate ways as nothing more than fond memories to each other. But memories are the threads upon which we design our lives. We would be hollow without them, for better and for worse.


  1. And of course, the more cynical among us could say that unity is unknown these days. :-P

    I like the hope and the optimism in this post.

  2. My U word was Unknown today! But this is fab combining the two, great post.
    Happy A-Z'ing :)