Monday, April 9, 2012

This is for the Dreamers

            We left that special place yesterday. That place where we are us and anything is possible. A heavy heart beat in my chest and your  eyes betrayed your feelings of regret. Regret at what? At leaving. At having to leave that special place. Of going back to the other place where we are individual people, living so far away, but still so close.
            Two years ago it was clearer. Two years ago I felt energy and hope and life. Now, I feel hope and life, but the energy for this place has long since evaporated. It is time to move on, but we are bound here by the ties of obligation. Until those knots are undone, we are stuck.
            That day seemed so much closer two years ago than it does now, and I am left wondering when ever will it be my turn? A simple dress of white, purple and gold beauty all around, that band which has been put away for so long finally being allowed to shine in the light. No, it’s not that time, they keep telling me. Obligation, promises, a need to finish what you started. And let the rings already on each finger remind you of what is coming. Oh, but they do remind. They remind all too well. But, oh just be glad you are already at this point, especially so young. Blood of my blood was younger, when they were allowed to shine. Time is nothing more than chains designed to hold me back, hold us down.
            I look to my Goddess for strength, for renewal of purpose, and I think to myself, where will I be in a year? Somewhere better? Somewhere closer to you? Right beside you until the end of our days on this earth. That thought is what keeps me going. It is the fuel to my gas guzzler, such demands as it does make. I feel the moon mother smile on me and the gas mileage gets better, until the new moon comes, and darkness once again surrounds.
            So close, but so far away. Keep dreaming. Keep working and hoping. The thing to remember is that this is your life, live it how you see fit. Obligation will only get your happiness so far in this world. Obligation and promises only fill the void so much.
            The other band. The one that waits to shine. It’s light will fill the void until there is emptiness no more. And not another regret will be shared, for leaving that special place of ours. We will be together, we will be forever, we will be us. This is for the dreamers.

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  1. I cannot stand the shackles that time and others have put upon myself as well. I sit alone and think about it and i tears me up, if not for these shackles we would be together at the very moment. Time will bring us together even though it seems it keeps us apart!