Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lughnasadh blessings/Chik-Fil-A Christian Masquerades

This post was written in haste and started as a Facebook status, so please bear that in mind. Also, Lughnasadh blessings to all! :)

I believe in everyone's right to marry the one they love in a union that is recognized by the government, if not a church of some kind. I think Chik-fil-a has exercised their right to their own opinion and that is fine. They still have good chicken and if I was going to boycott them for their opinion, I might as well delete family from my Facebook as well and just be done with it. Everyone's got their own opinion.
What irritates me is the feeling that someone is trying to shove it in my face or make their opinion law. You want to show your support for Chik-fil-a? Fine. You want to showcase how good of a Christian you are, well, if eating a piece of chicken is all it takes to make you a good Christian, then we're all in trouble.
Again, Christianity and morals are not mutually exclusive. You can have one without the other and people need to realize that. Calling yourself Christian does not automatically make you a good person. I never hear the phrase “I’m a good Pagan.” Being Pagan does not automatically make you a good person, even though most of us live by the rule of three, whatever you send out will come back at you, threefold. And the Wiccan Rede, and it harm none, do what thou will.
            Although I am not quite sure why, seeing the posts on the Chik-fil-a situation has pushed buttons with me. It makes me want to stop hiding part of myself from the family members who post those things. If you can be that way, then I can be this way out in the open and I am just as entitled to do so as you are to present your opinion. On this day, one of the eight sabbats that make our wheel of the year, when Pagans celebrate the first harvest, I say to any reading this so as to make no mistake, I follow my Goddess, not your God. I feel her love and her guidance every day, and I am tired of denying it, pretending to feel something I don’t.

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