Monday, August 13, 2012

Majority Under Fire

            This week I was going to do a long overdue post about my thoughts on feminism, but this kept popping up in my newsfeed, so I thought it might need to take precedent. It’s not just this either. The theme this past week seems to be this issue, everywhere. The picture in question? 
            The Facebook page “For America” which I do not follow, keeps popping up in my feed as people like this picture. Now, let me go ahead and state that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. It was their status that went with it that keeps catching my attention. “Some in the media are complaining that Gabby Douglas is ‘so, so, so into Jesus.’ LIKE if you are tired of liberal attacks on Christians.” Liberal. Attacks on. Christians. Hmm, where to start on this one…
            I am not Christian and I never will be again, but I would never dream of criticizing anyone for their faith. Faith is a beautiful thing, and speaking as someone who just lost her Pawpaw this summer, there is something to it. It’s still on you to get back on your feet, but with a strong faith, it just doesn’t seem as impossible.
            I am not here to doubt that there are attacks on Christians. I know a lot of Pagans who will jump down your throat at the mention of Christians. I’ve seen comments on Facebook from Atheists who look down their nose at Christians, or anyone with a faith in something we can’t see, and they will verbally attack you for your faith. And that is just two examples. But let’s face it, Christians are the majority in this country. I think Pagans fall into the smallest percentage labeled as “Other,” the last time I looked at a chart. They cry that they’re being attacked because of their faith, but in reality, I think most of them have no idea what it’s like to have to watch what you say in regards to your faith. They have no idea what it’s like to stay in the broom closet because there are people in your own family who wouldn’t understand.
            Twice in one day last week, someone asked what my triquetra meant. One of the people asking was my grandmother. Both times I gave this answer: “It’s the trinity, like you see in the Bible. Father, son, holy ghost.” Yes, I am cringing right this second. It’s just easier to explain it that way, rather than what it really means to me. Maiden, mother, crone, the triple Goddess. The other person asking about it was a woman at the local post office and after I gave my answer, she said “Oh I like that then.” I should have answered honestly, but I know I am not the only Pagan in this country who would have reacted that way, especially to my grandmother.
            You're so daring for admitting your love for your god, when everyone around you believes the same way. You have no idea what it's like on the flip side of the coin. I thank the Goddess for her blessings. If you give your thanks to Jesus or God, I honestly friggen applaud you! I repeat, genuine faith is a beautiful thing! I just get tired of this attitude that Christianity is under attack, especially under attack from the liberals. This liberals versus conservative thing is really tired. It’s not all the liberals’ fault and it’s not all the conservatives’ fault either. The far end of the spectrum for either of these two is not something I really want to see in this country. We all need to learn to meet in the middle and people need to stop feeling like they are under attack just because someone disagrees with them. And no, that is not just a general statement. I know people who are like that. They get their feathers ruffled because they say you are not respecting their opinion and my question to them is what does that even mean? I respect your right to your opinion and I respect you, but I don’t have to respect the opinion itself, because I have my own take on the matter that I would like to discuss with you. That is what should matter!
            I’m including a link to an excellent article I came across last week that relates to this.

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