Monday, December 3, 2012

Road to Graduation Pt. 3 - Duck Face in the Library

            You know, the academic environment is a very unusual thing. On a college campus, we act, eat, sleep, and do all the other things of our lives for four years. In most cases, we are not pulling in a substantial income, if there’s an income at all. We are legally adults and more than capable of functioning in regular society. Instead, we live in these little communities where we go to tiny rooms and have people lecture us on things we’re supposed to be learning. The funny thing is that for the lack of income, the college students I know are often busier than people I know who are actually in the workforce. They are busier, have more on their plate, and are often more stressed out than people I know who work for a living and bring home the bacon. I suppose it’s one of the oddities of life.
            I am closing in on my last day of class ever and the single digit countdown to graduation. It keeps marching ever closer, breathing down my neck with reminders of all the stuff that needs to get done between now and December 14. Hell, between now and Wednesday morning.
            After graduation, it’s just a landslide to Christmas and I am nowhere near ready for that. I’ve barely begun my shopping and for some people, I have no clue what to get them. Random thought, but at this moment, the number of days between me and graduation is the same number that will be between graduation and Christmas. Oh, that’s disconcerting.
            Meanwhile, tomorrow I will be crossing the finish line on my degree requirements with the presentation of my senior seminar project. It’s kind of hard to believe and the feedback that I’ve gotten on the paper and the PowerPoint has been very reassuring.

P.S. I am writing this while sitting in the library and seriously, have you ever just looked at someone and thought to yourself “I bet you have an indecent amount of duck face pictures on your Facebook?”

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