Thursday, December 13, 2012

Road to Graduation Pt. 5 - After the Music Fades

            The smell of cigars and I think that was pot is still in my nostrils. Music still rings in my ears, but what is even stronger than all that is the marching band doing its thing in my chest. Forget single digits, we have entered the forty-eight hour countdown. There is less than forty-eight hours to go until I have a Bachelors of Arts in my hands, and driving through my college town tonight coming back from the best concert ever, I couldn’t believe it’s almost over. Where did the time go?
            I said that if Halestorm performed “Here’s to Us” that I would probably cry. If you’re not sure how I came to that assumption, go listen to the song on YouTube, and then consider the fact that my college career is coming to a close. Go and listen to it, before you go any further.
            Here’s the thing though. I did not cry. You want to know why? We weren’t sure that they would do it, we thought they were wrapping up with Bear’s personal favorite “I Get Off.” Again, if you do not know this song by this  most epic band called Halestorm, go look it up. But anyway, we thought they were wrapping up and had begun to move outside. We were standing at the entrance, in the light, and were preparing to leave. We were out of the mass of people and the emotion of the night had begun to fade a little bit. There was no time to cry because we were moving forward. How appropriate.
            For most of the time that I’ve been in college, at the end of the school year, we usually do something special. We don’t set out to do something special for the end of the year, but we just decide there is something we want to do or something we want to see, and through thick and thin, it’s usually the three musketeers, myself, Bear, and Maestro. We’ve visited the Biltmore Estate, attended live wrestling a couple of times, and a couple of concerts over the three and a half years. It’s always us three, and even though I am leaving that to go home and figure out what to do next, it’s still changing in even greater ways. Everything is shifting now. That’s one thing that I will toast to on New Years, that this has been a year of change. I’m pretty sure that it’s all positive change and for the better, but we’ll have to wait and see, like with so much else in our world.

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