Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OBX Chillin - 2013

            What’s up folks? I’m coming at you from the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week and let me tell you, it is gorgeous. We’ve had up and down weather from blue skies to fierce thunderstorms and it’s all part of the experience. This place is even better than I remember from our last trip down here four years ago, which was also my first OBX experience. This is only my second and with four years between the two, it is making me very reflective on how much has changed. All the crap that we’ve been through for the past four years and now we’re on the other side, whole and better than before, waiting for the next challenge. Inevitably, it will come, but not today.
            There is something about standing in the Sound out here, where the water comes up no farther than your waist, and the waves are pushing and pulling in a pulsing beat older than time. It’s the heartbeat of the world. The ocean is what all life comes from. And there’s no beating salty ocean air, or the feel of wet sand running through your fingers. I came down here with the frame of mind that I was going to enjoy myself no matter what, that nothing was going to get me down or ruin this time I have with my Bear. It’s amazing what a state of mind can change. Here it is Wednesday and this trip has been nothing but easy times and a relaxing frame of mind. Mornings with bacon and coffee and nights with delicious meals cooked by the family and a glass of Arbor Mist Sangria. Can I just add that it’s damn good to be over 21?
            Today is a little cooler than it’s been being this week, but that just means it’s good weather to park my rear out on the deck and get to work on the revisions for Blood Shadows. Yes, I brought my work with me. I haven’t done a thing to it the entire time I’ve been here, but the wheels have been turning so whenever I do get back at it, I’ll be ready and refreshed.
            Before I go, I want to add that North Carolina is such a gorgeous state. We’ve got mountains rising mighty and immortal to the west and gorgeous waters ever lapping at our shores to the east. We’ve got it all in Carolina, baby. Is it any wonder I love this state so much?
            Peace out from Carolina Kel, live from the OBX!

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