Thursday, August 8, 2013

Political Witch...A One Time Only Deal

            I really do not feel like getting into a political discussion, especially not on the cusp of a vacation. However, I feel that certain comments and certain attitudes deserve addressing.
            First off, let’s agree on one thing. Politicians in general are low down dirty scum. They’re not trustworthy because most of them will betray every vow and every ideal they swore to uphold for the sake of money or votes. That being said, what is going on in North Carolina right now sucks. Our elected officials have been digging a hole for us for the past twenty years. This past November, we elected a Republican for the first time in twenty years. I’m not one to root for one party or the other, I registered Independent because I believe both parties are full of it. However, I feel that it was time for a switch up in North Carolina. Therein lies the problem.
            When you’re six feet under, it’s going to take a while to climb out. When the state budget is in the negatives and we’re in debt up to our eyeballs, it’s going to take some very practical measures to lower that debt and save our own hides. Programs are going to have to be cut. Money is going to have to be switched around to better accommodate everyone, at least until the budget is balanced. It’s like when everyone gave Mitt Romney hell for wanting to cut Big Bird out of the federal budget. What? Grow the hell up. When you’re in deep shit, you have to make sacrifices to get out. Of course you’re not going to like it, why would you? But it doesn’t change the fact that something has to be done if we ever want to get out of the hole we’re in.
            Do people think that the budget is going to magically fix itself? That there won’t be sacrifices along the way? If that’s the case, it’s not our education system but our common sense that is in dire straits.
            I don’t like what’s going on in NC either, but I’m trying to see the silver lining and hope that there’s a overall plan for the next four years, one that will have these sacrifices seeing their rewards. We don’t want to keep on the path we’re going, cutting one section every single time but showing no results with the overall budget. It’s my understanding that multiple sections are seeing cuts this time around and only time will tell if they pay off. I hope they do, just like I keep hoping that the federal government will get their stuff together, or someone will go out of office, I’ll take whichever comes first.
            So that’s my one and only strictly political post. I don’t usually do politics and I don’t plan on starting, but this was more of a need to express thoughts bubbling in my head anyway. Which is what I usually do. Eh, whatever. I’m off to stare at my suitcase for a while, maybe it will finish packing itself. ;)

            It’s only Thursday but everyone have a good weekend!

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