Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Wrap-up - Coming Off the Weekend High

            It’s a cloudy, foggy morning in Carolina and I haven’t even mustered the to-do to fix a pot of coffee. Mama was cool enough to cook some sausage before she went to work but that was mainly for Booger (nephew). I got two patties though and all that was missing was a waffle and we would have had the Waffle House experience. Yum. *falls into dreamlike state over imaginary waffles*
            We had a Friday the 13th last week and mine was awesome. Bear got to come home for a cousin’s birthday party (not just any cousin, but Cuz) and starting Friday night, our crew was together, minus Maestro who had to work. Have you ever played Munchkin? If you’re shaking your head, go out to Barnes and Noble right now and get it. The game is hilarious when played with the right peeps, because it’s basically clawing your way to level ten and dropping as many bombs as you can on your buddy so he doesn’t get there first. Backstabbing at its finest. We played two rounds Friday night.
            Cuz lives two hours out from us and going out there, you know you’re in Carolina and that you’re getting closer to the coast. Yards become almost sandy in appearance, the pine trees are more abundant, and the worm webs/nests have taken over just about every other tree in sight. It’s actually pretty cool. And because he lives in B.F.E. (if you don’t know what that stands for, I’m not explaining it here), it’s as country as country gets. Out there, staring past the light of the bonfire into the dark night, it’s easy to remember that man used to fear what went bump in the night. It’s humbling and it makes this writer think of demon invasions on the backs of dragons and what would it would be like if that happened in the middle of the night. In other words, I realized that there’s a time difference that I forgot to account for at a certain point in my WIP. Oops.
            It was one of those weekends that make Monday especially sucky because you’re coming down extra hard off the weekend high. But I’m not complaining. I have opportunities coming at me and I’m ready to greet them with optimism and high spirits (and a full cup of coffee, now in my possession).
            I’ve got a couple of other blog topics playing hoedown in my head, so I’ll probably update again later this week. Until then, happy Monday from the Kelswitch. May the coffee be strong and the traffic be swift! Over and out.

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