Monday, September 9, 2013

What I do all day... Beware of Crazed Writer

            Dragons rise over the mountains of North Carolina, demon riders on their backs. Earthborn were the first to fall under the curve of their blades, between the jaws of their dragons. Ireland was left in a flame of ruin, the scorch marks scars that would forever identify the Emerald Isle as the starting point of the invasion. It was an invasion of the sort Earth had never seen.
            Centuries ago, earthborn waged war against refugees coming to Earth from other realms. Vampires, witches, changers, magicborn all seeking shelter from worlds that had turned against them. The vampires were the first to fall, succumbing to extinction because of the war. Slayers crossed into Earth to pick up where they left off, trying to make a place for themselves just like everyone else. Eventually, they succeeded, and magicborn and earthborn came to a tentative peace that gained strength through time and boundaries respected by both sides. Now, magicborn are all that stands between Earth and complete dominion by the demons.
            The weeks leading up to the invasion were normal as ever. It was business in usual in Ireland. Katlynn Martin was living her life, free of the past that still haunted her dreams. With her cousin by her side, she had carved out a good living for herself in Dublin. Until Grady Devlin came, searching and digging up things better left alone. He quickly realizes something wasn’t right with the story he had been told, but before he can begin to figure out what’s really going on, someone targets him and Kat both.
Together, they have to untangle her past and find out who is after them, before it is too late.

            The world as you see it here did not develop until May, and before that I was working on a separate story. I was on version two of that storyline and it was fighting me tooth and nail, every step of the way. This one doesn’t fight me as much, but it still has mood swings.
            The opening line of this synopsis came to me as clear as a bell yesterday while I was driving home from a weekend in the mountains with Bear, Judgment, Bear’s brother, and Maestro. Since I was lacking on the blog topics last week, I thought I’d share this summary of what I’m doing with myself while I don’t have a job.
            If it seems strange that I jump back to right before the invasion, that is on purpose. The main series I want to write is set after the invasion, but I’m working on a novella  from right before, and that’s Kat and Grady. I have big plans for them, but we’ll have to see how it goes and how nice the muse plays.
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