Monday, September 30, 2013

Moving Shadows Part 1

            I have decided, as a feature for the Kelswitch for this week, I am going to showcase a little something I wrote for the world of the bloodborn. For a while, I toyed with the idea of writing the stories about parents of my main characters. After all, our stories begin with our parents, before we’re ever born. I ultimately abandoned the idea, but this part is something I really like and thus, wanted to share.
            There has been no editing, no revising for this part or the parts I post later. It is as it was when I first laid it out.

            Shadows moved. They weren’t supposed to, but Mary could not deny her own eyes. In the corner of the living room, in the tiny apartment with the rent she was barely able to afford, something moved in the darkness.
            It was well past midnight. She couldn’t say what had woken her, but suddenly she had felt the need to check on her daughter in the next room. As she stumbled out of her door, rubbing her eyes, she had caught the movement in her peripheral vision. She froze and it froze with her. It knew that she knew it was here.
            She was a woman living alone in the city. She knew the risks. She knew the threats she faced every single day, but nothing made her more determined to keep them at bay than the angel asleep in the room behind her. Standing before her daughter’s door, she slowly unfurled her light gray wings, spreading them out wide. A well known sign of aggression from a slayer if they weren’t about to take flight. Earthborn or magicborn, whatever had invaded her apartment in this late hour, the warning was clear. No words need to be spoken.
            Her fingers itched for cold steel, but the invader was between her and the kitchen where she kept her cooking knives, and her real knives were locked up in her room. She wouldn’t risk her daughter hurting herself with one. She was virtually defenseless but the mover of shadows did not need to know that. “You’ve invaded the home of a slayer with a little one, you better have a damn good excuse,” she said as threateningly as she could. Suddenly, the click of the lamp switch and light flooded the room. Mary blinked heavily, unprepared for the sudden burst of illumination. Nothing could have prepared her for the sight that greeted her once her eyes adjusted. “You.”

            Stay tuned to see who is in her apartment. Coming to the Kelswitch soon. Subscribe, bookmark, whatever it is you need to do. Peace out and happy Monday.

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