Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Day Leftovers ~ No, not the turkey sandwiches

            Good afternoon from the Kelswitch! This Monday has been a little off kilter, but when isn’t it? Especially when coming off a holiday weekend.
            My Thanksgiving was wonderful, full of good food and family. I always look forward to holidays until I remember that they are usually a juggling act, filled with family that half of which, I never see throughout the year. But then we arrive for the meal and slowly, gradually, magic happens. People talk and laugh and you find yourself talking and laughing with them. And the juggling act went off without a hitch this year, thankfully.
            I never used to be a big fan of Thanksgiving. As a kid, I was an entirely too picky eater. Turkey was never that enticing, I stayed away from greens, and stuffing just seemed weird. That’s changed a little, thankfully. This year’s feast was wonderful and even more so because I could actually enjoy it, instead of just poking at my little bit of macaroni and cheese.
            Maybe it’s because of George R. R. Martin and his infamous food descriptions in A Song of Ice and Fire. Maybe I’m just a closet foodie. But to me, there is no greater proof of being blessed than coming together with family to share a large meal. Our ancestors couldn’t have asked for more, which is something we should all remember.
            I think of my ancestors often, wondering how they would react to my generation of the family line. Would they approve?  Disapprove? Take us out back and beat our tails with a switch, even if we are grown? One thing that I like to believe is true: they would love us. They would love us and stand by us, no matter how stupid we were. Just like the family we have with us today.
            In the darkest part of the year, family is one of the things that remind us brighter days lay ahead.

            Happy Monday! Kelswitch, over and out!

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