Monday, January 20, 2014

Author Rising, i.e. running out of time...

            All she remembered were the flames. They consumed her home, took her family, and forced her to relocate to another country with relatives she barely knew. When witches have the power to destroy with such extremity, surely a Guardian will come along and exact the Coven’s justice, even if the witch was only eleven years old…
            Katlynn Martin has successfully hidden from her past, passing as an earthborn in Dublin, Ireland when a Guardian finally tracks her down, eighteen years after the fire the tore her world upside down.
            Grady Devlin is a well trained Guardian, used to doing his job and doing it well, but something seems off about Kat’s situation. In the time it takes to get to the bottom of the two decade old tragedy, someone is gunning for them both and this time, Kat may not be able to escape the rising shadows of her past.

            After writing and deleting multiple blog topics today, it finally occurred to me that it’s past time I start promoting for Shadows Rising. This week I am going to dig into the nitty-gritty editing and next week, on January 31st, I hope to publish it to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. And on that note, here is the official debut of the cover I put together myself. I do have permission to use the photo (my mom took it on her phone, amazingly enough) and I got some amazing feedback from a friend and a family member, the latter of whom is a professional in matters such as this. I hope you like it!

            That’s all from the Kelswitch for now. Until Friday, my precious readers!

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