Friday, January 3, 2014

First Comes Reader, Then Comes Fangirl

            Welcome 2014! I hope you all had a wonderful time on New Years Eve and your year has gotten off to a great start. On this edition of Friday Reader Rambles, I’m going to give you something very useful, to help start the year out right. As presented by the Kelswitch, I give you
Ways to Tell You Have a Love Affair with Books.

            1. You stalk your favorite authors on social media
            2. To get a retweet/favorite/actual response from a favorite author is more exciting than it would be coming from a traditional celebrity
            3. You are very particular about how you organize your bookshelves
            4. People who bend their brand new books every way imaginable make you twitch (note to self, never let them borrow one of yours)
            5. When friends do borrow books from you, it’s like sending your young child out on a date and you’re sitting on nails until they’re safely returned to you
            6. E-readers are all kinds of amazing, but nothing beats the feel and smell of a real book
            7. Your TBR (to be read) pile never seems to go down, no matter how much you read (maybe the trips to the bookstore need to stop….naaaaah)
            8. Free e-books are a blessing and a curse – think impossible TBR pile, only digital so no one can see the evidence of your addiction unless they open your Kindle
            9. You have that one book that you would gush about for hours, if only your friends would allow it
            10. Fictional characters can come to mean more to you than your own family
            If you found  yourself in any of these traits, do not seek help, but instead go to the nearest bookstore, buy a nice book, and settle down in the café section to sip on your coffee as you read. What better way is there to start 2014?
            Have a good year, peeps. Kelswitch, over and out. 

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