Monday, February 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why

            It’s one of those rare days when it’s so beautiful outside that the sunlight is reflecting off the pond in a shimmer of sparkles visible from my bedroom window. These are just the perfect days to stay inside, pull the curtains, and write until our fingers fall off. Or so I’ve been told. My muse doesn’t do well in dark places, maybe because she came from one. Isn’t that some untapped psychology there…

            It has now been three weeks since I published Shadows Rising to Amazon. Have I mentioned that it is also available to borrow for free now? With a Amazon Prime membership, of course. Barring that, it’s just a mere .99 cents. Feed the writer? If you need more convincing…

Ten Reasons Why You Should Give Shadows Rising A Try…

1. It’s a short novel with hardly a dull moment, because there wasn’t room for fluff

2. It’s a love story, but an honest one; too short for the “I love you” to come at the end, that will come later

3. This is just the introduction to the world! There will be more, especially with these characters

4. Zombie. He’s got a mohawk and those big ear gaps. He’s one of those rare characters who was supposed to die, several years ago, and instead looked at me, said “uh-uh” and got right back up and into the action.

5. I’ve been told the ending left people wanting more, which means there had to be something tasty about the overall story, right? Hehe
Version 3.2 of 4.5

6. My world concept for this particular universe is that all the magical races came to Earth as refugees from other realms, and sooner or later the past comes back to bite you

7. The story starts in Ireland and ends in Ireland, with a chunk of the middle taking place in Tennessee

8. I made a cool cover for it, going through several versions to get it right

9. You get to be a cool hipster who read this author when she was an unknown ;)

10. Kat and Grady. The first characters I’ve ever written who gave me no lip and let their story unfold with grace and ease.

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