Monday, February 17, 2014

Fanfic ain't no passing craze

            As a reader, it is always fun to discover other family members that read too. It’s like validation that you’re not alone, that there are other little freaks in the bloodline too. I’ve found the same thing applies to writing.
            Fanfiction is a highly contested thing among writers, with varying degrees of love, toleration, and outright hate. Personally, I feel fanfiction has its place. I enjoy reading it on the side and there are some amazing writers in those circles. Then again, there are also some horrible ones too. So horrible you ask yourself while reading, why did this person ever think putting pen to paper was a good idea? But writers can grow, and many do while writing fanfiction. They test the waters, learn what works for them and what doesn’t, and can eventually work up to writing original stories.
            Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the other little freak in my family tree didn’t make it past fanfiction. My dad has made a comment here and there about one of his aunts being a writer, but the only one I have proof of is from my mom’s side, a cousin of hers who is sadly no longer with us. I just consider myself lucky enough to have a piece of her writing, and it is wrestling fanfiction.
            The irony here is that I began reading wrestling fanfiction, based on current superstars, a couple of years ago. Most of it is a smut-fest, but some actually contain amazing storylines that I wish, just for a minute, were real.
            This cousin was clearly very young when she wrote the story, and it is in an aged blue folder, on yellowed paper in fading pencil. It’s a tentative connection to a kindred spirit that I never got to meet. It came up on the fly this past week while talking to Bear and it occurred to me that I should type this story up and save it, so that piece of her is never lost.
            Her name would have been great on the spine of a book. It was a very author-ish name.
            Is writing a gene to be passed down through the generations? I don’t think so, but it’s a special inclination that not everyone feels, giving those who do a connection that wouldn’t have otherwise existed. When that is with actual family, even family moved on to the next world, it’s special.
            Here’s to you, TVD. We never met, but we shared words. Blessed be.
            Have a good week. Kelswitch, over and out.
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