Monday, February 10, 2014

Taunt the Reader

            Now that I have a novella for sale on Amazon, the truly terrifying part reveals itself: I have to stick with the storyline I lay out. Over the course of my writing life, I have been notorious for rewrites and changing up the plot, as a blog from a few weeks back will detail. But whatever I do now, there is no going back.
            Can I go hide under my bed now?
            What everyone is asking me now is what happens next and the underlying message is “What happens to Kat and Grady? TELL ME NOW!” Shadows Rising is a novella. It was intended to be short and how things end with the two of them is exactly as was intended, but that doesn’t mean it will be left at that forever. Things will pick up again in the first book, but not with them. They will make their next appearance in the second book, when Kat’s sister comes into the picture in a big way. I can’t and won’t make Jess appear before it’s her time, because there’s things that need to happen first to set up her entrance into the reader’s line of sight. And besides that, she is getting her own full length novel, which means more Kat and Grady time too.
            I’ve always wondered if authors get a kind of sick pleasure out of taunting readers. I can say now with authority, yes they do.
            When I first embarked on the journey towards self-publishing on Amazon, I had no intention of uploading the novels of the main series. I have bigger dreams for them than Kindle Direct Publishing. However, depending on how well Shadows Rising does, I may be willing to change my mind. Only time will tell.
            In the meantime, the next Amazon-bound project is underway and as it gets a little further along, I will post more information on it. For now, its code name on my Facebook page is ITNF. And speaking of which, I need to get to work on it!
            Happy Monday everyone! Bad weather is due in the south, I hope y’all are staying warm and dry.



  1. Congratulations on the novella.
    And the snow has hit here in the South.

    1. Ours hit this afternoon, just after lunch. The ground was covered very quickly.