Monday, February 3, 2014

The Circus Of Madness Has Begun

           The rumors are true. I’m now among the dirty, unwashed ranks of self-publishing writers on Amazon. And totally kidding about the dirty, unwashed thing, which is redundant anyway… Moving on!
I’m published. It’s available for the world to see, to purchase and have a tiny insight into my brain. That scares me a bit, because Shadows Rising is labeled paranormal romance and there is some…*ahem* romance about. But if this is what I want to do, I have to drop the embarrassment and proudly wear my tag of smut creator. *sigh*
            I am positively blown away by the support coming from family and friends. Honestly, I think Shadows Rising blew up my newsfeed on Friday from all the shares. Bear also brought me pretty flowers. All that will make a girl feel not only special, but hopeful and determined.
            Today I start possibly two new projects, one of which I want to see done and uploaded to Amazon by summer at the absolute latest. Shadows Rising was started five months ago and would have been ready a lot sooner but I dragged out the editing process. Summer seems reasonable, since I want to make this project a little longer. I’ll reveal more about it once it’s underway but I will say this, it’s going to be a departure from Kat and Grady’s world. Still magical, but an entirely different concept.
            With two projects in the back of my brain, begging for attention, I’m going to cut this Monday blog short. If you’ve purchased Shadows Rising, I just want to say Thank you, thank you, thank you! Whether or not you liked it, I would love to hear what you think! You can leave a review on Amazon or contact me through this blog or my social media.
            If you haven’t got it, what are you waiting for? Buy link incoming…

Shadows Rising novella

            Have a good week y’all. See you on Friday. Kelswitch, over and out.

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