Monday, March 17, 2014

Green Beer & Gray Skies

            Just like on Columbus Day, there’s a group of folks who refuse to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day because of the historical truth behind what it represents. They say that when the stories tell of how Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland, what that really means is the decimation of the Pagan religion and peoples as Catholicism moved in and began to take over.
            The Kelswitch started as a blog about being Pagan in the south, and lately I’ve been feeling the itch to write a rant about religion, but I don’t think today will be that day. History is history, and when that history is covered in blood the best thing we can do is to create something happy to overpower those memories. That’s not to say dismiss them or what they mean today, but don’t let it rain on your day, I suppose is the best way to put it.
            I wore green to work today. I played some Irish (ish) music. Celtic Thunder. Dropkick Murphys. A little bit of Nebelhexe. Some Maidens IV, a group we saw at the Renaissance Festival a few years ago. I enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day and I wouldn’t mind celebrating it with a gathering of my friends, whether or not green beer is involved.
            Here’s the thing. Saint Patrick may have started the movement to end Paganism in Ireland, but guess what dude, it’s still alive and well. It survived. So in your face!

            Here’s to your health. ;) Kelswitch, over and out.

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