Monday, March 31, 2014

Kelswitch on a Mission

            The Kelswitch has not always existed as such. It began about three years ago, in the month of April, when I got a wild idea to blog about being Pagan in the south. At the time, I wasn’t blogging regularly but I also had two other blogs going too. One was for music, another for life and random things.
            Obviously, all three ideas got the boot. But the blog you are currently reading is the platform the Pagan one existed on, I just deleted all the old content prior to December of 2011. In 2012 I began blogging regularly, once a week. From there, with a little tweaking and adjusting here and there, it eventually became the Kelswitch we know today.
            My following may not have grown that much, but I’d like to believe as a blogger, I’ve grown tremendously since that first post, three years ago. I actually use tags in my posts, I share to social media, participate in #MondayBlogs on Twitter. But there is no overall theme to draw people seeking answers or comrades to the Kelswitch. I’m just a southern scribbler, wordsmith, writer, reader, music addict writing about whatever comes to mind that demands to flow from my fingertips onto the keyboard. Sometimes it’s a rant, sometimes an observation, and sometimes it’s just commentary on my own life as things happen to me.
            Blogging happened to me as a lot of other things were changing in my life. When I first started, I had just embraced a new major and a determination to follow my lifelong dream of writing. The Kelswitch has followed me through ups and downs, triumphs and utter failures. It will follow me into the future as I seek to add on to what Shadows Rising started. It will follow me as I move forward as a “young professional” and freelance writer. I just hope that nothing I have written or will write will ever get me in trouble, because I write without malice, or I try to.
            I’ve had to stop myself from getting too personal here, when it can feel like my own personal soap box. When people in my life drove me up the wall and made me want to curse and scream, I had to restrain myself and write out my anger in other ways, that wouldn’t end up on here for the public to consume. It’s a fine line that I walk every day, being a writer with access to such a public forum, being Pagan in a mostly Christian world, and being human in a world that sometimes seeks to tear apart everything I am. But I like it. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t.
            So, it is with excitement and no small amount of anxiety that I take on the A-Z Blogging Challenge. For the first time ever, the Kelswitch shall be updated every single day for the entire month of April, following the theme of letters of the alphabet. If you follow my blog, read Shadows Rising, or support my other writing forums, I want to express my sincere thanks.
            And now, I invite you to follow this every day challenge for the Kelswitch. See you tomorrow, folks.

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