Saturday, April 19, 2014

P is for Precarious

            P is for Precariously Perched.
            See, this is why I write things down. That was my original thought for P the other day, but this morning I was drawing a complete blank. Until I went for a coffee refill and leftover pizza. And I’m still in my pajamas. I love Saturdays.
            Precariously perched was, for some reason, a fascinating phrase to me the night I graduated from college. And I hadn’t had any alcohol, yet. My cap was precariously perched on my head, starting the whole thing, and the phrase just kept repeating itself in my head over and over again until we got to Chili’s and I was sufficiently distracted with a Tropical Sunrise Margarita. Good stuff, but it made this pixie a little tipsy. Good thing I wasn’t driving. Safety first, kiddies.
            Precarious is still one of those words that likes to stick itself in my brain. I like how it sounds. I like what it means. A lot of things in our lives are precarious and as long as we can have a healthy respect for that, we can dance on the knife’s edge and keep everything together.
            That’s another phrase I like. Dancing on the knife’s edge. Wordsmith I be, until the day I die. I have also discovered a good use for a hand held dictionary, for the first time ever. I love the app on my Kindle, but I can’t browse through it by letter. I have to have something specific in mind when I go to the search bar. Hand held dictionaries, that so many probably tossed in the garbage,  do have that purpose. I think I may keep mine a tad longer.
            Okay, that’s enough precarious rambling for the day. Kelswitch, over and out.

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  1. I've got three hand-held dictionaries, including a children's one. I like pulling out the dictionary -- and thesaurus -- when I'm stuck for a word or the meaning of one. The only problem I have with them is teeny-tiny print which my old eyes sigh at.

    Ah, I almost forgot. "Precariously Perched" is a great title for something.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder