Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Reckoning

            R is for Reckoning. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.
            Chakrams. Tuatha. Fateless One. My favorite game of all time. Heavily influenced by Celtic mythology. Storyline written in part by R.A. Salvatore. And a studio behind it that went bankrupt. Much sadness.
            I had a wee bit of a chakram obsession when I played Reckoning. Even though I had more than my character could carry and extremely powerful ones, I still collected them. And it wasn’t a Xena thing, they were just my favorite weapon in the game next to faeblades. They were magical, they were deadly, and they made noises.
            You can’t go wrong with a game where you can be a walking apocalypse as a female character. I brought down an inferno upon my enemies when my character got most of her stuff maxed out. Top trolls in the game could not stand against my might. Weird swamp creatures could not withstand the flames either. I was a total badass.
            Saturday night, after a year of poking and prodding, Bear finally picked the game back up to begin working towards finishing it. It was like a walk down memory lane and seeing the game for the first time all at the same time. It made me really want to snatch it out of his Xbox and dart off to mine and play my character again. But that defeats the purpose of poking and prodding and Bear would get growly. So I left him alone. For now.
           I do have a second character I was going through storyline with that I never finished. I shall do so, once he finishes the game and faces the almighty and merciful Tirnoch. I destroyed that beast! I cannot wait to do so again.

Screen shots of my chakram obsession...


  1. I love your background, your template for your blog. It's so colorful and appropriate for blogging with ntoes, readers etc. Very cool. Not into games at all so totally lost while reading your post; but nice to meet you just the same, as I make my way through the linky for a-z.
    Sandy at Traveling Suitcase A-Z

  2. Fun stuff, sounds like! Wife & I used to play Dr. Mario on an old Nintendo box after the kids went to bed. I'll have to see if they have it for the Wii, maybe we could relive a few memories. ;-)

    Wow, where did last week go? Oh, never mind. Easter preparations. I'm back, though!

    1. There's probably some kind of Morio for the Wii now. A little gaming every now and then is good for you. ;)