Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zowie

            Z is for Zowie.
            A word supposedly meaning to express astonishment. Very appropriate for the final day of the A to Z Challenge. This is it. The final post. The last one. It’s done. Finished. Over. Wow. Zowie!
            Would I do this challenge again? Please! I’ve already been musing potential themes for next year. This challenge has been fun and educational. It’s taught me how to write six days a week, but I’ll save that for the Monday After reflections post.
            What else is zowie worthy today? It’s my nephew’s seventh birthday, which is mind blowing. I was there the night he was born and it just doesn’t seem like this much time has passed. The idea of him entering his teen years is scary, but thankfully there’s still some time before we reach that age of horror. In the meantime though, he’s playing baseball and going into second grade and…and…can we not? I want to go back to the days when he was still wearing onesies and his legs stumbled as he slowly walked across the living room from me to his Nana.
            Precious memories.
            Oh, oh, and his little brown curls? They were so adorable. I seriously miss those days. But oh well. Moving forward is the best thing for everyone and I’m excited to see what kind of man he grows up to be. I want to be the aunt he can talk to when his parents are out of the question and he needs an adult’s advice.
            He likes hanging out with me now. I hope that doesn’t change. I also hope that his music tastes broaden out a little. Now I can only get him to try a song if it’s related to a movie or TV show. Oh well, he’s seven.
            Seven. Zowie!


  1. That's how I felt about it. Of course, I did the writing in advance… with my life, there is just no way I could blog in the moment and get away with it. :-D It still took a huge chunk out of my April! But I spent a few hours cross-linking and indexing it, so it should be useful for a long time to come. No regrets, but I'm on the fence about doing it next year. Give me a little decompress time, and I'll probably come up with a theme and start in on it…

    I have a 4 year old grandkid living with us. He's growing like a weed as well!

  2. wow, great post, and congrats in getting to the end of the challenge.