Monday, May 5, 2014

Post Insanity

            The odd thing about life is how things seem to happen all at once. Maybe it’s just our concept of time and our perception of how the events around us piece together, the human brain always looking for a pattern. It seems like life has been a whirlwind since March 7th, when an ice storm hit my area. That was a Friday. The following Tuesday saw me starting a new job.
            Since then, it’s been work, home, work, being with Bear, work, and squeezing in a little writing here and there. Then the A to Z Challenge began. A month of insanity that also included my birthday, my nephew’s birthday, Bear starting a new job himself, and an unforeseen opportunity arising for a place of our own.
            Wait. Two months ago, I was dodging babysitting and feeling depressed about the lack of employment, fearing that my life was going nowhere. What the hell?
            The A to Z Challenge was an amazing experience. At the onset of a new direction, it forced me to write every single day, whether or not I wanted to. And all it took was a little bit of preplanning and staying one day ahead of each post. It only hiccupped once and that was understandably the week of my birthday. Instead of writing a blog post, I went out for Mexican food and had a margarita. Sue me.
            No one should walk away from an experience like this without learning something. What did I learn? It is possible to write six days a week on a particular project, even with a full time job and freelance work, and all other friends/family responsibilities. Networking applies to blogging the same way that it applies to Twitter, and I need to be better with both.
            I learned how I can be a better writer. I began figuring out where to go from here, for the next however many years. I suppose the best thing the A to Z Challenge left me with is focus. And a few vague ideas about a theme for next year’s challenge.
            I’ll close out this edition of the Kelswitch with a few links of blogs I discovered through the A to Z Challenge that I really enjoyed. As of now, the Kelswitch is back on its regular once to twice a week posting schedule.
Have a fantastic week everyone! This blog had a theme about journals, which of course appeals to the writer with a notebook obsession... Opinionated and unapologetic, just what the world needs more of! And I totally mean that! Books! Books! Books! A discussion of favorites is always a good thing.

There are many, many more that I followed, but those are the ones that stood out as I browsed through the long lists of blogs I follow now on WordPress and Blogger.

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  1. Glad it pushed you to write and do more than you thought you could. Hope you made some awesome new friends this month.
    (And did you know word verification is still on?)