Thursday, May 8, 2014

Music Protects My Sanity

Carolina Rebellion 2011

            When life is consumed by chaos, a lot of us fall back on something that restores balance. For some people, this is a glass of wine (or three) after a long day/week. Some of us play video games to relieve stress and tension. And then some of us *cough* gorge ourselves to death on Godsmack.
            Godsmack has always been one of my favorite bands, ever since I heard and became addicted to “Voodoo.” It was different from anything else I was hearing as I was beginning to explore my own musical tastes. It appealed on a level that 13 year old me probably had little hope of understanding. The tribal beat combined with rock and roll can almost be a metaphor for my life as it is now.
            A combination of current and something that most people wouldn’t expect.
            In the middle of a tidal wave of change, I’m grounding myself by gorging on Godsmack. For going on three weeks straight. Bear enjoys the band, but not this much. Luckily for him, I get my fix going to work and coming home. In the car, alone, with the volume under my complete control.
            Aggressive, subliminal, meaningful are three words that come to mind when describing Sully Erna’s brain child. His voice has always captivated me. It’s low, there’s a growl to it at times, but there’s also a certain quality that can carry you away as he sings about “the spiral never ends.” At the risk of sounding cheesy, it speaks to me. The same way Lzzy Hale’s voice speaks to me.
            Some bands, you know you’re just stuck with for life. The music they create will never leave you, even if you go years without listening to it. Music is eternal. It is the “universal language, a true blessing you know” as Pitbull says.
            And it’s keeping me from falling out in the floor under the weight of all this change in my life right now. So, with that in mind!
            Sully, take me to the moon!

            What is your go-to band when you just need a fix of something to get your head back on straight?


  1. I don't have any one band I go to when I'm upset. I just put on some aggressive rock and turn up the volume.