Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just a Quick Dash Thru

            I got word today that there is a chance I’ll finally get my car back a week from Monday. This is as exciting as it is disappointing. The accident happened on May 16th and the following Monday, I was driving my mom’s van. We’re looking at a month here, folks.  A month since I’ve been able to drive my poor, busted up Mustang anywhere other than to the grocery store, where I had to unlock it and crawl through the passenger seat to open the driver’s door, because the door handle was knocked off on that side.
            Other than that, life has been business as usual. Well, forming a new business as usual I should say. A week after the accident, Bear and I spent our first night in our new place so there’s been a certain adjustment period of getting used to where everything is, not to mention sharing such close space with another human being for the first time. I plan to explore the ins and outs of that when I officially switch the Kelswitch over to WordPress.
            I was going to wait until July, but I think with a few more tweaks, I’ll be making the switch soon. Maybe within the next week or two. I’m really pleased with how it’s looking right now. I’m just trying to figure out a writing routine to fit into my new life of job and home with Bear.
            Oh, and I have an office. Have I mentioned that? It’s in a perpetual state of disarray but it’s a space to come and write. It’s where I’m typing up this quick, last minute blog, actually. Bear’s in the living room catching up on Heroes of Cosplay. Oh, domestic bliss.
            I hope any and all followers who read the Kelswitch regularly follow me over to WordPress. This blog will only get better and more focused from the switch, I promise you!

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