Monday, October 15, 2012

An Entire Life Ahead

            To any artists out there, do you ever feel like your life is so in your face that the muses absolutely evade you? Keeping up my blog is no problem. Writing in my journal has become a semi-daily thing again, but the creativity for my fiction has trickled to a halt. These days, I’m just not feeling it. It just seems like real life is demanding far too much attention and as a hopeful to-be published writer, that feeling does not bode well. The future is daunting enough without adding the bulk of an unpublished manuscript to the list.
            Something that has been on my mind lately is the probably unusual realization that I am very young. I’m only twenty-one. Most of the successful writers I love and follow are in their thirties. I watch Sex and the City on a regular basis and these women are in their mid to late thirties, with a lot more living ahead of them. This is something that it seems a lot of people my age do not realize, just how much still lies ahead. We hit our twenties and we think this is it, that we are adults and this is our lives. But it’s just the beginning. We’re learning how to fish and beginning to forge our way into the world and oh so much lies ahead. Unless you have kids right off the bat. It seems like the people who have kids young say the years fly by and they do not know what happened to their lives. I do not want that to be me.
            At some point, I’d like to go to graduate school. I want to visit Ireland and Scotland and have the freedom to look around in wonder and not be constantly tracking munchkins. When the possibility of going to Scotland came up for this past summer, I had great plans for documenting my adventures through my blog and I still want to do that, whenever I get a chance to go overseas.
            Anything is possible if you have faith and work your butt off as well. And another definition of maturity is that you can ask for your parents’ input and honestly take it into consideration, but still make your own decision. There could probably be a Twitter account just tweeting things that define maturity, but anyway.
            I’m too young to be worried about solidifying where I fit in the world, even if I’m already ahead of the game with a website, which I am very proud of. I’ll figure out what to do with my writing. I’ll figure out where my life is heading and the road will have it’s ups and downs, it’s joys and pains. And I’ll do what I do best along the way, which is write. It’s the one thing, besides my Bear and my faith, that I can never doubt.

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