Sunday, October 14, 2012

Facebooking & Tweeting - The Untold Dangers!

            Passive aggressive comments on Facebook. We’re all guilty, we’ve all done it. Talking about “some people” because we don’t want to call people out and start a fight. And yet we’re contributing to the fire simmering below the surface. People see those statuses and inevitably, they wonder who it’s about, because very rarely do we post these things just “in general.” I also think that most of the time when we post those things, we are toeing the line. We want to start something, but we don’t want to fight. It’s a very contradictory feeling. There’s also a double whammy if you hit Twitter as well, sometimes with a little more liberal post, because you know that not as many people will see it.
            Facebook and social media in general have put a huge damper on our interactions with each other. For that matter, so has texting. I know that I would rather just text someone most of the time, rather than call them. We would rather keep up with our families via social media rather than calling them and actually having a conversation about what is going on in our respective lives. It’s also changed how we handle our disagreements. It has made it too easy to toe a line and leave people wondering. The obvious question here is why we can’t just talk to each other. I’ll give you the answer to that right now. It’s not pretty, but it is what it is.
            A week ago, what started as a harmless tweet led to old wounds being ripped open and two alpha bitches snapping at each other. Nothing was really resolved, but the bottom line was that neither of them wanted to fight. It wasn’t worth it. Even if it’s still ruffling feathers, keeping the peace to enjoy what time is left in college is more important. We would rather avoid the problem to keep the peace, even if it means whatever is grating on us continues to grate. It’s priorities and even though honesty would be nice, people would not get along as well.
            So I suppose what this means is that when we see those passive aggressive statuses and tweets, we’ll just have to bite our tongue and wonder, and hope that if a friend needed to talk, that they know they can come to you anytime. Especially if you’ve woken them up in the middle of the night…or nearly started crying in their room…
            Just saying.

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