Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pikachu Know Everything!

            Part of the problem with not just the U.S., but the world is that everyone thinks that they are right, and they want you to agree with them. As Gabriel Iglesias says “Pikachu know everything!” This is why we can’t discuss politics and religion that often without it becoming an issue. In this time of high political activity, those who shouldn’t be in power are taking advantage of this weakness, using it to their full advantage.
            In our country, we are taught that we have the freedom of speech, but rarely are we taught to temper it. Our opinions are all that matter and we should stand up for them! It is our God given right as Americans. But we aren’t taught to judge when our opinions will hurt others and when to step back because of that. Perhaps that is the number one fault of our education system, which has enough wrong with it already.
            We are a free nation, but we forget that we are more than individuals. We are in this together. Until we really come to grips with this, our nation will continue down the same path. Family members will continue to argue over politics and religion with heat and even venom. People will not learn how to coexist, which is something we sorely need with all of our differences. I heard a song on the drive home for fall break that hit the nail on the head for this particular subject. “The same? No, we’re not the same, but that’s what makes us strong…” A lot of people don’t seem to realize this, or they just don’t believe it. I believe it. I have seen it. There are also words that we need to remember “This is still the place that we all call home.” Christian, Pagan, heterosexual, homosexual, man, woman, Democrat or Republican, we’re all Americans. It’s the one thing that will always unify us and people do not give it nearly the credit it deserves. Oh, and by the way? That song is “Home” by Dierks Bently.
            We are advanced, the human race, but we have a long way to go. If we ever manage to reach our full potential before our collective time on earth is up, then I think our creator will smile. When I say full potential, I am not talking about our intelligence and our capacity for technology. Do you really think that God cares about all of the bells and whistles on the latest iPhone? Absolutely not. Our fullest potential as human beings is to love each other and protect each other, in spite of our differences, because of all of our differences. But for some reason, people just seem incapable of that. They are convinced their view of the world is the only correct one and are not willing to let anyone else even have a chance.
            This is what we have right now. I’m not sure what it means for the upcoming election, but all we can do is vote, work, pray, and try to enjoy our lives for what they are. In the grand scheme of things, we are here for the blink of an eye. Might as well get as good of an eyeful as we can.

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