Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Road to Graduation Pt. 1

            I meant to start this last week, but one thing after another and blah blah so here we are, the road to graduation, part one. At this point, we are two weeks away from the last day of classes and what will be my final day of classes ever, at least as an undergrad. That being said, graduate school is not in my immediate future and for now, I’m content with that. Like many of my friends, I am a little weary of the academic scene, even as I’m on the verge of kicking its butt. My senior seminar class is not meeting today, but I was up early to meet with my professor to discuss and get back the second draft of my senior seminar paper. I was nervous, with butterflies in my stomach and the lack of sleep to prove it. I walked out of that building with an extra bounce in my step, smiling like an idiot at the sixteen page paper I held in my hands. The feedback was positive. Of course, there is always room to improve and I still have things to add, but it’s an exciting time. I feel like I just leapt over the grand canyon and am now that much closer to graduation. This is not a word I use often, but I feel very elated!
            We are about to embark on Thanksgiving break, which is almost a full week off from classes and the academic mindset, but I will be working for most of that break. I have work for other classes that I need to finish up, in addition to writing this last draft of my senior seminar paper. This project has shaped into something I am proud of.
            Last weekend was the Winter Formal, which consisted of loud music, really bad dancing, and slightly sore legs the next day. The next thing on my senior excitement list is going to be a Halestorm concert, the midnight showing of The Hobbit (I am being dragged against my will), and then finally graduation. We’re almost down to the three week mark on the graduation countdown and it’s almost surreal. One of those, I thought I was still a freshman deals. You blink and suddenly it’s all over. And the real world is standing on the other side, beckoning to you with a crooked finger like the little harlot it is.

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