Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to the Dungeon Pt. 3

            I’m stuck again. And it’s chapter 18. The last time I got stuck was on chapter 8. I don’t need this to become a habit…
Even though my leanings have always been towards paranormal romance I’ve tried to stay away from the story getting too mushy and now that I’m suffering from Skyrim/KoA: Reckoning influence, I am more than ever trying to keep it from falling into that Harlequin like romance storyline. Melodramatic, it’s all about the guy and his issues. Um, no thank you. I loved Fifty Shades, but I don’t want to write another one. There were times I could have happily smacked Anna. Grow some backbone lady! It would be a disservice to Regan to write her like that. In some ways, she is supposed to be stronger than Cade. Not just as a slayer, but as the queen. I can’t have her running to her room crying whenever he’s being a jerk. And sadly that’s kind of where I was going. So I trashed six pages, which isn’t a lot to some writers, but it’s a few days worth of work for me. It drops me back at 40,505 word count. *sigh*
Once I smashed through the block at chapter 8, I got on a kick that has lasted a good two weeks. Let’s hope this strike ends the same way. Muse, getcha ass in line darling, we got work to do.

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