Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Over Hump Day

            If there is one thing this year has taught me, it has to be that no matter how bad things seem, or how hopeless, they can change in an instant. The thing is that you have to put yourself out there and be open to it. It’s kind of like the saying about when opportunity comes knocking. You have to be ready to let it in with your dancing shoes on.
            Though it is a half-baked theory among college students, I’m going to share it with you, my precious readers. The theory in question is that fall semesters are generally worse than spring semesters, for whatever reason. I’m mentioning this to bring up another point about autumn, that it is the time of year where anything seems possible. Maybe college students get too caught up with this optimism and that’s why autumn is worse than spring. I can’t really say, though I cannot deny the thought has crossed my mind. Surely this changes after you have the degree. I hope. Because the crisp air and brightly colored leaves is making me optimistic. It’s making me remember what a beautiful world I live in and to count my blessings. It’s also making me miss the mountains because as vibrant as it is at home, I know all the fall foliage pales in comparison to the North Carolina mountains right now.
            It’s amazing how I consider myself completely non-superstitious but I’m afraid to jinx things by broadcasting the possibilities to the Internet. I’ll tell all if and when things become concrete. In the meantime, I’m nurturing the belief that some people really do have a bit of foresight. However, it’s the useless type of foresight. For instance, I dreamed about the number seven in a certain context last night and I came across it today in the same context. Perfectly useless, but still a little freaky, a little cool, and a whole lot of perfect time of year for it. The month of October belongs to the freaky and unusual. I just hope it belongs to me as the month where my life finally gets on track. Keep your fingers crossed and pray to your deity, I’m going to need it.
            I don’t like the camel, but happy Wednesday all. May blessings fall upon you like the leaves fall to the ground at this magical time of year.

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