Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Shames

            National Novel Writing Month is here! It began yesterday and I hit the ground running, writing 1,000 words in about forty-five minutes. On a new novel? Goodness no, of course not. It was for the novella that’s about five or ten thousand words away from being complete. I saw a retweet on Twitter that fits my situation perfectly. “Again, for me, this is NaWriEvMoMoFo: "National Write Every Month, Motherfucker." But hey, I'm writing. #amwritingmotherfucker” Excuse the language, but it gets the point across. That came from @ChuckWendig, just so I am a good little writer and cite my sources.
            I only wrote 1,100 words yesterday, but it was a busy and somewhat stressful day. I won’t go into the details here (or anywhere else, for that matter), but suffice to say, I made a change. Some might call it stupid, but it is what it is and I will not regret it. That is part of why I’m titling this blog Saturday Shames. In addition to the fact that I’m writing this blog in my pajamas, still in bed with the blanket tucked around me. Oh, sweet pleasures. The little things that make me smile like an idiot for no particular reason.
            There is a Facebook writing group that I’m a part of which has turned NaNoWriMo in circles over the past few weeks. Some of the writers there just don’t get it, and others are excited for this opportunity to put the boot to their own arses and get to writing. I think if this is what someone needs to start writing the novel they’ve always wanted to write, then more power to them. But one must also acknowledge that real writers work on this crazy schedule year round. All writers have to acknowledge sooner or later that writing is about discipline the entire year, not just for November when it’s the cool thing to do and all your buddies are giving it a go.
           I’ve got one more quote I want to leave you with before I get on with my Saturday. It comes from a fellow blogger and I’ll link the blog it came from below.

“We get to do what so countless others only wish for, we get to write the shitty first draft."

Truer words never spoken. That came from here if you want to check out more from her. I personally adore her blog.

Happy Saturday!

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