Monday, January 27, 2014

Keep The Coffee On Stand-by

            “Welcome to my world. The impossible has been happening to me since I was eleven.”
            “It’s not fucking possible.” Truly agitated for the first time, he dragged his fingers through his hair, staring at her as if trying to figure out a puzzle. “You’re earthborn. By all the gods, how can you be earthborn?”
            “I’ll tell you everything I know if you guarantee my safety and that you’ll leave my cousin alone. He’s done nothing wrong.”
            “He harbored a fugitive,” the Guardian said in a voice laced with steel.
            “He protected his cousin, just as his parents did before they died. Leave him out of this and I’ll come peacefully.” She kept her spine straight, never breaking eye contact with him.
            He considered her for a minute, mulling it over. Finally, he nodded. “Deal.”

            The above is a randomly chosen excerpt from Shadows Rising, the scene where Kat and Grady meet for the first time. It still has to be edited for the final draft. I’m pushing to the last minute, I know, but it’s what I’m good at. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before the seven hour marathon session right before my senior seminar’s second draft was due? A good experience as a writer, maybe not so much for my sleep schedule.
            Some writers thrive off deadlines, others plan accordingly so they’re sipping tea right before. I’ll probably fall somewhere in-between, but so long as I can be relied on to meet an agreed upon deadline, that’s what matters.
            *proceeds to bite nails*
            Between this novella and my rising freelancer status (keep your fingers crossed on that one), I feel that this year will be amazing. Whether or not that will translate to monetary value, we shall have to wait and see (and pray!).
            That’s all I’ve got this morning, besides a mental to-do list that is glaring and tapping its foot. I’ll see you all Friday for the next edition of the Kelswitch. Until then, over and out! Have a good week!

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