Monday, October 21, 2013

Moving Shadows Part 2

I’m not lacking on blog ideas these days, but I figured I am way overdue for the next part of “Moving Shadows.” If you missed the first part I posted or would like to refresh yourself, that blog can be found here.
Now, without further ado…I give you part two.

Ricky Reynolds, an earthborn she had gone out on a few dates with, was smiling. He held his arms away from his body. “Surprise.” He was a handsome man and was dressed in his customary suit and tie, a fedora completing the look of high profile gangster she sometimes felt he was going for. Meeting him in a coffee shop in the heart of the city had been a surprise, even more so when he expressed interest in her, a single mother who was one step away from the poor house. He came from money and had his own business, she found out shortly after meeting him. He had always been good to her and lovely with her daughter. Against her better judgment, her guard came down and she relaxed.
            “What are you doing here? It’s the middle of the night.”
            “That’s a funny story,” he said with a soft smile. He advanced on her carefully and though Mary was relieved it was him, she never moved from in front of her daughter’s door. “You and I have such wonderful discussions and you’re so open about your life,” he went on. “I’ve always wanted to date a slayer and truly, I never expected one like you to literally drop into my lap. You’re perfect for what I need in this life.”
            Mary’s eyes went wide. Where was he going with this?
            Ricky continued to come closer until he was less than a foot away. Still wearing that soft smile, he reached out and trailed one finger down Mary’s cheek. For reasons she couldn’t name yet, she shuddered. “It’s dangerous for a woman to live alone in the city,” he mused, “especially in this part of town. Very dangerous indeed. You never know who or what might jump out of the shadows at you.”
            “Ricky,” she said nervously, taking a step back, “you’re scaring me.”
            “Oh? And what are you going to do about it?” His hands shot out and grabbed hers, slamming her back against her daughter’s door. He pressed his body against hers, leaning down to delicately sniff her neck. “I know you don’t have any powers left,” he whispered, as if they were lovers exchanging the deepest of secrets. His tongue snaked out to lick along her neck and Mary squirmed, pushing against his hold but he didn’t let go. He raised his head, his movements that of a snake coiling for the strike. “A powerless slayer is a dead slayer, as they say in my line of work. And do you know the price some would give for the wings of a young slayer? Oh my, you cannot imagine. Your daughter’s black wings are such a rarity too. That’ll fetch double the price.”
            Mary’s eyes went wide and she started pushing and kicking with all her might, trying to break free of him, but he was too strong and he crowded her against the door, effectively trapping her. Fear was suddenly a living thing, slithering through her bloodstream until all her limbs were jello. She kept fighting though, the thought of her defenseless angel sound asleep behind her kept her moving until Ricky cursed. Something smacked the back of her head and everything went black.

            I hope you enjoyed part two. Only one more part to go, which will be posted at some point. If you like what you’ve read so far or if you hated it, I would love to hear from you! Don’t be shy. :)
            Happy Monday from the Kelswitch! Over and out.

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